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Tenant Faq

Do I need to insure my personal belongings?

Tenants are responsible for their own contents insurance. It is the landlord's responsibility to insure the building. We recommend all tenants to insure their personal items in the event of fire, water damage, or theft. Please go to for more information.

Who looks after the TV Licence?

The television licence applies to the occupier not the property, so a licence should be purchased from your local post office.

Are pets allowed in a property?

Usually no, however this really depends on the property you are renting and the landlord's preference. Sometimes an extra security deposit can assist in making the arrangement possible or a reference from your previous landlord stating that the pet is well trained etc.

Do I have to pay refuse (waste) charges?

Refuse charges are the responsibility of the tenant. Usually in an apartment block the refuse charge is included in the rent.

Do you accept rent allowance?

Yes once references are provided and social welfare have approved you for the rent amount advertised.

What happens if I break my lease?

The lease that you signed is for a fixed period, usually twelve months. If you decide to move out early for any reason you will forfeit your deposit as the landlord uses this as loss of rent.

Can I claim rent relief?

Irish citizens and foreign workers can claim tax refunds such as medical exp, rent relief, medical insurance and PRSI refunds. Contact for a free assessment.
If you are renting accommodation privately (whether in Ireland or outside the State) and pay income tax, you may be eligible for tax relief on part of your rent. You can only claim this relief if you were already renting at 7 December 2010. If you were not renting on that date and you subsequently entered into a rental agreement, you will not be able to claim tax relief on your rent. However, if you were renting at 7 December 2010 you will continue to qualify for this relief even if you enter a different rental agreement after that date. The relief is being phased out and 2017 will be its last year.

Can my landlord “drop in” whenever he/she likes?

No. The landlord has to notify the tenant when he wishes to call. Minimum notice period required is 24 hours, unless it's an emergency.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff who will be happy to assist you.